flattening / Flaring / Proof load test

Flattening test

Flattening Test

The flattening test is a mechanical procedure used in the testing of metals to determine a material's ductility and resistance to deformation. On pipes, tubes, or other cylindrical metal objects, it is frequently performed.

Flaring test

Flaring Test

The flaring test, often referred to as the flare test or flareability test, is a mechanical procedure used in the testing of metals to evaluate the ductility and formability of metal tubes and pipes, especially those used in the automotive, aerospace, and hydraulic industries.

Proof load test

Proof Load Test

The purpose of the proof load test, a type of mechanical test used in metal testing, is to ascertain the maximum force that a metal fastener or structural component can sustain without permanently deforming or failing.

Standard we tested to

Sr. No. Discipline: Flattening / Flaring / Proof Load Test Test Methods
1 Flattening Test ASTM A999: 2018, ASTM A530: 2018, ASTM A450: 2021, ASTM A450/A450M:
2021, ASTM A370: 2022, ASTM A370: 2022, ASTM A249: 2018, IS 2328: 2018, ISO 8492: 2013
2 Flaring Test/Drift
ASTM A450: 2021, ASTM A1016: 2018, ISO 8493: 1998, IS 2335: 2022, ASTM A370: 2022
3 Proof Load Test ISO 898-2: 2022, IS 1367-6: 2018, ASTM F606: 2021, ASTM A962: 2022