Micro Examination Test

Microscopic Examination is conducted to study the microstructural features of the material under magnification. The properties of a material determine how well it will perform under a given application, and these properties are dependent on the structure of the material. Turn on screen reader support Utkarsh Maloo has joined the document.

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Case Depth

Case depth is the thickness of the hardened layer on a specimen. Case hardening improves both the wear resistance and the fatigue strength of parts under dynamic and/or thermal stresses.

Grain Size

These test determination of average grain size in metallic materials are primarily measuring procedures and, because of their purely geometric basis, are independent of the metal or alloy concerned.

Decarb Layer

Decarburization is a surface degradation phenomenon in the forging and heat treating of steels. Decarburization may be described as a metallurgical process in which the surface of steel is depleted of carbon, by heating above the lower critical temperature or by chemical action. Steel forgings are usually decarburized. This process can happen as a side effect during a process, or can be performed intentionally.

Inclusion Rating

Microscopic methods are used to characterize the size, distribution, number, and type of inclusions on a polished specimen surface. This may be done by examining the specimen with a light microscope and reporting the types of inclusions encountered, accompanied by a few representative photomicrographs. This method, however, does not lend itself to a uniform reporting style. Therefore, standard reference charts depicting a series of typical inclusion configurations (size, type, and number) were created for direct comparison with the microscopic field of view.

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